New! Croutons from RUB 99.9/kg
Weight croutons with various flavors from a wholesaler
New! Croutons from RUB 99.9/kg
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Croutons for RUB 99.9/kg
Flavor: Garlic, 1 kg

Crouton from brown farm bread flavored with garlic is an ideal beer snack.

RUB 99.9/kg
Croutons for RUB 99.9/kg
Flavor: Classic, 1 kg

Classic crouton from brown farm bread with salt.

RUB 99.9/kg
Averton Economy Collection Kebab
Unforgettable taste of kebab with spicy notes of vegetables and herbs.

RUB 139.9/kg
Averton Economy Collection Garlic
Croutons with chopped garlic. It is one of the most popular flavors, which is the first to be bought up from all shop windows.

RUB 129.9/kg
Averton Economy Collection Meat jelly and Horseradish
Classic meat jelly with grated horseradish creates an excellent taste.

RUB 129.9/kg
Averton Economy Collection Cheese
Creamy cheese aroma and smooth aftertaste.

RUB 129.9/kg
Colored Croutons
Cheese flavor
New colored croutons with cheese flavor will impress any customer. Deep cheese flavor and smooth aftertaste.

RUB 129.9/kg
Tomato flavor
Croutons' bright color will catch the eyes of customers to the shop window, and ripe tomatoes flavor is perfect for any drink.

RUB 129.9/kg
Kebab flavor
Bright colored croutons with the taste of summer and hanging out with friends.

RUB 129.9/kg
Wasabi flavor
Unusual taste of the Asian analogue of Russian mustard, combined with colored croutons, is 100% hit in every customer's check.

RUB 129.9/kg
Garlic flavor
Piquant taste of garlic and unusual black color of croutons will ensure a fast churn from the shelf.

RUB 129.9/kg
Croutons in 100 g packs
Perfect combination of a tender white baguette with piquant garlic is a favorite among customers. It is one of the most popular flavors, which is the first to be bought up from all shop windows.
Garlic and Smoked lard
Croutons made from freshly baked rye bread with a bright taste of smoked lard and piquant garlic. A classic combination that will win the love of your customers.
Grilled ribs
The taste of grilled pork ribs and rye bread is what you need with light alcoholic drinks. This snack works great for increasing the average store check.
Boiled crayfish
No customer can resist the taste of crispy and tender baguette croutons with boiled crayfish. This product sells itself and makes you great profits.
Red caviar
The delicate taste of red caviar combined with crispy fresh baguette croutons is what your customers will come for again and again. We assure you that every fifth customer will choose these croutons.
Sour cream and Herbs
In these baguette croutons you can clearly taste the tender village sour cream and fresh herbs. This appetizing snack to any drink is developed to increase your sales.
Hunting sausages
Hunting sausages are very delicious, and if you add them to the crispy croutons of fresh baguette, you get a great snack. A box with such croutons looks great in the shop window and attracts customers.
Smoked cheese
We have added the bright smoked cheese flavor to the fresh baguette croutons, so your customers always put them in their shopping cart. This snack will not stay in your shop window for long.
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Spicy Adjika
Spicy homemade Adjika with rye bread in our variant will be a favorite snack for cold beer. We guarantee that our croutons will be one of the top positions in your store.
Mexican spices
In the line of our croutons there is an option for those who like it hot. We have collected the hottest and most delicious Mexican spices to make the best spicy snack.
Bacon is one of the most popular flavors among all customers. Crispy rye croutons and smoked bacon go together perfectly to increase your sales.
Meat jelly and Horseradish
The most popular appetizer at all Russian feasts is now combined with crispy rye croutons. When the package is opened, the customer will immediately feel the rich aroma and bright taste.
Mushrooms and Sour cream
We took delicate taste of mushrooms fried in village sour cream and added it to crispy croutons from fresh baguette. Bright and nice packaging attracts attention in the shop window and makes customers take pack after pack.
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